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This scientific-industrial activity is aimed at researchers and professionals from industry, academy, research centers and postgraduate students.

The Objective

The objective of this activity is to present recent research developed in this region and the world on issues of industrial minerals and energy with emphasis on lithium, nitrates and solar energy, and build national and international collaborations networks, between industry and university for promoting the applied research made at Universities of Chile and the world.


  • New processes for obtaining lithium compounds and other industrial minerals.
  • Energy storage technologies.
  • Lithium batteries.
  • Thermal energy storage.
  • Nanomaterials for energy storage and photovoltaic panels.
  • Photovoltaic energy conversion technologies.

Guest lecturers

PhD. M. Helena Braga (The University of Porto, Portugal)

PhD. Vasilis Fthenakis (Center for Life Cycle Analysis -Columbia University, USA.)

PhD. Luisa Cabeza (INSPIRES, Polytechnic Institute of Research Innovation in Sustainability, University of Lleida-Spain)

PhD. Khalil Amine (Argonne National Laboratory, USA.)

PhD. Mohammed Farid (Auckland University, New Zealand)

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Lithium level

Albemarle Corporation, it has dedicated to extraction and processing of brines in addition to the production and delivery of lithium salts and its derivatives, which are applied in ion-lithium batteries for electronic devices, carrier vehicles and future technologies of energy storage, satisfying this way, the huge worldwide demand of these products. The company has two operational plants: Planta Salar de Atacama, located in the heart in the Atacama Desert and the Planta Química La Negra, located in the Antofagasta City.

Magnesium level

Sodium level


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