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CELiMIN Center proposes to obtain high purity salts exported to global markets industry.


Antofagasta region is located in the so called lithium triangle zone, reason why the region has take the initiative to form a research center for industrial minerals that includes this resource. This geographical condition can be an advantage in the development of a lithium cluster in the north of Chile and also for economic integration with neighbor countries. 

Consequently,  the main activities of CELiMIN is the innovation of new production processes, finding new applications and new products, and provide service to the industry as part of the research, development and innovation (R + D + i), in the field of lithium and industrial minerals

A unique place in the world...


The second is an active region producing inorganic salts such as nitrates, sulfates, chlorides and hydroxides, linked to compounds of lithium, sodium andpotassium, as well as other iodine and boric acid. The production of these salts has historically culminate with a major export without significant added value.

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