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Laboratory of Energy and Sustainable Processes

  • Rotavapor (Buchi, R-210 model), this equipment allows to study effects of evaporation and crystallization.

  • DSC - differential scanning calorimeter (NETZSCH, model 204 F1 Phoenix).

  • Galvanostat-potentiostat (Metrohm, Autolab PGSTAT302N) with a compliance voltage of 30 V and a bandwidth of 1 MHz, is specially designed for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

  • Vacuum mixer (MTI, model MSK-SFM-7-220) used for mixing in the manufacture of electrodes.

  • Coating machine (MTI, MSK-AFA-III model), equipment used for coating electrodes.

  • Hot Rolling Machine (MTI, model MSK-HRP-01), compression equipment used in the manufacture of electrodes.

  • Ultrasonic Welder (SNLG, Model SDA80X30) equipment used for terminal soldier in the assembly of cells.

  • Vacuum sealer for lithium cell (MTI, model MSK-115A-220), for packaging equipment used during assembly of the cell.

  • Temperature sealant (MTI, MSK-140 model), reinforced carcass instrument used for packing the cell.

  • Electric crimper (MTI, model MSK-160D), to manufacture coin type cells both inside and outside of the glove box.

  • Glovebox (MTI model VGB-3P), used in the filling, final stage of the assembly cell.

  • Battery cycler (MTI, BST8-3A model) equipment used for the activation of the batteries.

Process Research Laboratory 

  • Calorimetric reactor, Mettler Toledo, model RC1.

  • Particle siza analyzer, Horiba, model CAPA-3000

  • Crystallization Unit.

  • Equipment for measuring vapor pressures and thermodynamic activity of water  aw, Novasina, AW-CENTER .

  • Phase equlibria unit for solid-liquid equilibrium studies

  • Programmable cone plate rheometer, Brookfeld, model DV-III, spindle CP-40.

  • Phase equilibrium unit for liquid-liquid and solid-liquid equilibrium studies:

  • Refrigerated centrifuge, universal, model 32R

  • Densimeter, Mettler Toledo, model DE50. Measurement ranges from 0.00001 to 3 g/cm3.

  • Refractometer, Mettler Toledo, model RE40. Measuring ranges from 1.3200 to 1.7000.

  • Conductivimeter, Orion, model 170.

  • Viscometer, Schott Gerate, model AVS-310.

  • Rotary Evaporator, Buchi, model W2000.

  • Titrator, Mettler Toledo, model DL31, for water analysis.

  • Unit for measuring diffusion coefficients liquid-liquid, Armfield.

  • Determination Unit for electrolyte activity coefficients, Keithley.


Instrumental Laboratory

  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer ,Varian, model 220 FS

  • Molecular absorption spectrophotometer, Unicam, model UV2

  • Gas chromatograph, Varian, model CP-3380.

Process Study Laboratory  II

  • Calorimeter, SETARAM brand, model C80.

  • Phase Balance Unit 120 liters.

  • Particle Size Analyzer,Mastersizer, model 2000.

  • Thermal Analysis System,Mettler Toledo, model 1100 TGA/DSC1 LF.

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